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We are the only bicycle repairer that is qualified to do a non destructive inspection using methods such as ultrasound, X ray and acoustic methods. These methods enable us to find damage that would not be found with standard visual or tap methods. This gives us the ability to not only assess the damage prior to repair, but also confirm the quality of the repair. We can also check the quality of any carbon repairs you have had done in the past and find "undetectable" repairs on second hand frames!

  • If you have had a crash, dropped your bike or found a crack in the paint. We can assess your bike to determine if it is still safe to ride.

  • Accurate assessment of damage is vital prior to any repair to ensure all the damage is removed. After the repair it is also critical to ensure that the repair is sound and will perform as intended.

  • We have specialist non destructive inspection techniques including ultrasound scanning, acoustic methods and dye penetrant. We also have a fibrescope that allows us to visually inspect the inside of the bike. Combining these methods with our extensive experience with bicycle engineering allows us to accurately assess most types of indications of damage.

    No one else can currently offer this peace of mind service.


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